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Fireman Suit FMS505

New product

Fireman Suit FMS505

Outer Layer of the jacket is made of 100%  280 GSM Cotton incorporating Non-inflammable finish "Pyrovatex" (D 10/2/150-n (Nr. 70/79)) based on technology similar to that of Ciba-Geigy.

The internal elements of the jacket and trousers are made of non-burning cotton having Pyrovatex finish (D 10/2/150-n.11).

The Fire Brigade marks are made by thermo-transfer or silk screen printing. Velcro strips are made out in black against the fluorescent slow burning fabric.

Fire Brigade marks on the Special Clothing have the following dimensions:

Front Fabric: 5 X 15cm.
Character Height: 2.5cm
Length of the inscription: 11cm

Back Fabric: 12 X 34cm
Character Height: 7.7cm

These Fireman Suits Are From UK (Bulldozer)

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