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Qadri & Qureshi Foundation Announces Its Medical Centre Project At Orangi Town, Karachi

Qadri & Qureshi Foundation Announces Its Medical Centre Project At Orangi Town, Karachi

22nd December 2017
Karachi (PAKISTAN)

Karachi, the business hub of Pakistan is inhibited by over 21 million people from all walks and lifestyle segments of Pakistan. Among these are those living in posh and luxury living areas such as Clifton, DHA, P.E.C.H.S and North Nazimabad. And there are those who live in lower class areas and struggle every day to provide bare minimum basic necessities of life to their family members. Qadri & Qureshi Foundation was formed in 2017 to help improve the living conditions of the latter mentioned under privileged social segments.

Having classified in the United Nations World Cities Report 2016 among the 5 largest slums in the world, Orangi Town in Karachi has caught the attention of the Qadri & Qureshi Foundation first and foremost.

On Friday 22nd December 2017, a very dignified and humble mother of Haji Muhammad Ashraf Qadri laid the foundation stone of Qadri & Qureshi Foundation Medical Centre in Orangi Town and offered Dua for its success. Speaking on the occasion, Haji Muhammad Afzal, the foundation’s General Secretary said that “the Medical Centre will be run by professional staff including Certified Doctors”.

Mother of Haji Muhammad Ashraf Qadri with Haji Muhammad Afzal, General Secretary of the foundation,  offering Dua at the Qadri & Qureshi Foundation Medical Cetre inaugration ceremony..

He further said that it is the aim of the Qadri & Qureshi Foundation to provide professional medical care and treatment to the people of Orangi at prices most affordable. He quoted that “In only 20 rupees fee, (approx. US$0.2) , the centre will provide professional medical checkup and available medicine including injections, as per need the assessment of certified doctor treating the patient.”

Working hours at The Qadri & Qureshi Foundation Medical Centre will be from 9am till 9pm. There will be visits by Specialist Doctors in addition to regular duty of Certified Doctors. “Patients who will be referred by the specialists to other speciality centres will be further assisted through follow up”, said Haji Muhammad Afzal.

At this occasion, Hameed Bhai, Foundation Official, said that, “this is not the only project of the Qadri & Qureshi Foundation. There are 12 departements through which the the foundation will provide assistance to needy people.”

No welfare work can succeed without the participation of members and warm hearted friends of any society. The Qadri & Qureshi Foundation will soon release a network of engagement channels though which the progress at various projects will be shared with general public and friends of the foundation. Such channels will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and its own website.


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