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Fire 03

Pab Fireman's Helmet: Fire 03

New product

Pab Fireman's Helmet: Fire 03

* Flame Retardant High Temperature Resistant Copolymer Plastic
* Long-term Resistance to 140 C / 30 min, 250 C/15 min.
* Full Head Protection including neck and face.
* Poly Carbonate Anti scratch and anti fog coated visor
* Removable Neck Protector made of genuine leather
* Optional material for removable Neck Protector:  Aluminized Carbon Fiber 
* Interior Shock Absorber made of Polyurethane Foam.
* Integrated Adjustment System (Ranging from 52 t 62 cm)
* Interior Ventilation Channels enable safe and comfortable work.
* Luminescent and reflective tapes visible from both sides and in all conditions.
* Ready to use with a full face mask.

Established and Worldwide Approved Design
EN 443/1997
EN 166 (visor)

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